Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sunday, July 2, 2017

you always i keep

there is only one
right answer to the question 
do you love me?
always. feel free 
to play infinitely 
these words on 
repeat they are some 
of the few i ever got 
right along the way to you
r heart dear unlikeliest of 
no longer strangers
you are invited to 
be charmed by each of the
times i keep falling for you still 
steady your eye on the count 
down from the seconds 
i first laid ears on your stories
any minute 
now i will ruin 
everything i still love
you always were my 
only favorite reason to keep 
trying to get things right 
to keep coming back 
home is where 
my heart is with 
you always i keep
hoping i were not wrong 
to think that 
there is only one 
right answer to the question 
do you love me? 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

were i a hummingbird

were i a hummingbird 
i’d hover,
over earth until 
guilty verdicts 
from the laws of gravity.  

were i a hummingbird 
i’d make home 
of her garden, 
and of her olive skin 
which steeps in the green and gold 
of the afternoon 
and iridescence 
percolating through the branches. 

were i a hummingbird 
i’d live swiftly, 
so swiftly she did hear my colors 
writing songs through her lantana. 

were i a hummingbird 
i'd flicker,
into spring and through every direction of her wildest dreams,
like the interweaving lines on her palms
and out from each one of her fingertips. 

were i a hummingbird 
i’d return, 
today, and every today after.

were i a hummingbird 
i'd hope she were hearing,
i'd hope she were seeing
i’d hope she were smiling,
i'd hope that she were nearing

i'd hope she were
were i a hummingbird,
(and she would be).

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

one way ticket

all my roads 
feel like a one way 
ticket to a cliffs edge. 
in all of my dreams i 
jump before look
ing to the bottom of the canyon 
and a miniature trampoline
hoping to bounce my way 
to the other 
end of these train tracks 
i still wait 
for your ear to press a
gainst. i still keep 
mine held tightly to the steel. i 
will always be 
at your other end i am 
always at your finish line. 
come barrel
ing around my corners 
please come train 
wreck me you know 
i spent every last pen
ny on our one way 
ticket to catastrophe   
but goddam you 
have never made me happi
er to have been so foolish. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

your hair is long

your hair is long 
again like it was 
yesterday has it been 
so long since i re
member what the soft
ness of your 
hands feel like have they 
calloused to my touch? 
in your silence i have count
ed all the ways to say i love 
you and soon 
i reach the walls 
of every i still do
standing be
tween us and you.
do you still 
keep the an
swers to all 
my favorite questions? 
no one can find 
them any 
where only silence i keep count
ing all the ways to say i love
you your hair is long 
again like it was yesterday