Sunday, July 2, 2017

you always i keep

there is only one
right answer to the question 
do you love me?
always. feel free 
to play infinitely 
these words on 
repeat they are some 
of the few i ever got 
right along the way to you
r heart dear unlikeliest of 
no longer strangers
you are invited to 
be charmed by each of the
times i keep falling for you still 
steady your eye on the count 
down from the seconds 
i first laid ears on your stories
any minute 
now i will ruin 
everything i still love
you always were my 
only favorite reason to keep 
trying to get things right 
to keep coming back 
home is where 
my heart is with 
you always i keep
hoping i were not wrong 
to think that 
there is only one 
right answer to the question 
do you love me? 

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