Monday, June 4, 2012

the ones you keep

Kiddo: Jackson Timothy Smith
Established: June 20, 2007
By: Rusty & Janice Smith

the strategist the imaginer kids got figures on his finger tips like they're real life fighters his eyes spell guns and swords and canon ball fire as he hears the sound of pirates and the distant shores of lands he asks to know about the next story uncle michael as his fingers wrap the shoulders and shields of bad guys good guys enemies and friends foes soldiers horse riders death rebirth and immortality to those that brave the darkest corners of the deep, like a board game like a movie we have no edges or credits in true fiction but the ones he fathoms in the spotless expanses limitless is the mind of childhood and perfection

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alan kaiser said...

kid and i battled yesterday, he took the green guys, the asians, b/c green is his favorite color, brady and i took every other color but it was less fun than i imagined except when brady loaded a lego toy full of 'risk' canons and i called it a submarine and we moved his troops from south am to australia and flanked him, took out like three of his horses- he was livid!