Saturday, July 21, 2012

to she:

you were a star
a hologram baseball card
and my father’s father’s guitar
you were gold 
my favorite story book
and a secret i’d never tell a soul 

you were a season
fallen leaves and winter lake 
caught in the act of freezin’
and when you leapt onto my pages 
you penned your name she  
and wrote it on my cover 
beside will forever be
so i’m going to flatter you 
then let my heart break
it’s the only i’ll come out breathing
(the only way i keep believing 
that you can be every bit of beautiful 
as the colorful 
i’ve scratched onto the cave walls 
of my today, 
yet not be mine)
cuz’ when i crack this cocoon 
my brightest butterfly wings 
will dance a hope stronger then the darkness before
crack this cocoon 
my brightest wings 
will dance a hope stronger than the death comin’ soon
isn’t that something to hold on to 
something to believe in
looming death yet i’m still dreamin’ 
so you keep singing 
keep on shining

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