Friday, August 10, 2012

Our newest...

So, while by no means a hater, my boss, Emilio, dislikes Coldplay. Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and all the other classics, he is into, but just don't think about mentioning Chris Martin in the car, without expecting to see his face go sour, followed by some remark to get serious about your taste in music. So when he denied me permission to use a Sufjan Stevens song in this video, saying not to take it personally, I chose to even the score by selecting none other than a poppy Coldplay song, for the final video of a class he will be teaching in Portland next week Saturday. While I do enjoy the song, we both gathered around the computer this morning to see what I had concocted over the previous couple of hours, he rubbing his  hands together, and me holding in a smirk, that would become laughter as the artist of the song was revealed in the opening notes. 

I suppose anything was better than Sufjan's Chicago, as Emilio noted that he liked the video, and that it would work; which now means that I will more assuredly select something out of the classic rock genre for my next video, to again grant myself some leeway for these alternative ears.  Until then, the song is Hurts like Heaven, and accompanies video I shot in May of our machinery at the hulling station. Hope you like. 

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