Monday, June 23, 2014

tea's ready, i love you

i make tea, 
partly in effort to steep my days-end in meaning
my true thirst is she,
the worth, 
of one hour 
is all sixty minutes of wanting her more absolutely; 
every day further, 
another day closer, 
for she, 
is beyond 
she is, 
like autumn, 
is approaching 
in season; 
so i, 
embrace summer 
its rains, 
its silence; 
only promise me a full moon - 
maybe two;
i've got the kettle on the stove  
and the frogs are harmonizing with the steady droplets of water from the tree branches 
night is here; 
may not have been ready - 
but i will, 
forever be present, 
forever arms wide; 
always said the best day for loving is today, 
and we
still have a few hours; 
wherever she is 
i only hope outdoors, 
to feel the fullness of the humidity 
and hear, 
the last scribbling of my pencil 
to the whistling that is coming from inside - 
tea's ready, 
i love you. 

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