Saturday, May 2, 2015


i once said 
that love was never fifty fifty, 
but i was wrong 
to say it so absolutely.
half of love  
is arriving at the places 
where we grasp fully
(after all these years)
that i am not deserving.
the other half of love  
is the entire lifetime 
in proving
to another that they are.  

she draws flowers 
and i write about them 
we are seeds and earth
we are deep beneath the surface
we are gathering our strengths 
and arriving at the places 
where we are grasping fully
that the fracturing of our walls 
permits the roots within ourselves
to spring forth
we are springing forth
like slow motion underground explosions
we are resurrecting
we are taking it all in 
we are not there yet 
but we are the entire lifetime 
in proving 
to each other that we are, 

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alan kaiser said...

this is still really good.