Wednesday, July 6, 2016

sidewalks into fortunes

november 19, 2012

two nickels and the dime,
heads down 
on the sidewalk crack
just in front of her untied shoe lace
arms length as she passed swiftly
he had imagined fireworks
instead his best hope
burst open and scattered
like loose change
and not worth the reach

riding quietly for home, 
he honked his horn twice just before leaving
letting the white lights of the black sky 
sing optimism into the throttle
hold on tightly
failure is real
as real as the hope 
i try to remind him of
hope like a 1992 summer
when we flew 
from our parents rooftop with a bed sheet
when all we knew 
was that we were fearless
and a mother’s shriek 
and a father’s fist
couldn’t beat the braveness from our bones

i still want to fly
so please
let me call you beautiful
let me fall in love with every kind of beautiful that you wear on your body
let me leap from your rooftops
my arms have never been wider
your lips have never been brighter
let me kiss them heavenward
let my kisses burst into your wildest dreams 
let us come down slowly
and together 
we'll collect all our failures from the sidewalks into fortunes

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