Wednesday, November 16, 2016

come find me tonight, los angeles

if you ever want to see the sunrise, head to the beach, lantana florida, look for both sliding doors open on my white minivan and those months just after my seventeenth birthday. if you ever want to feel the sea, come swim with me, headfirst into the mediterranean, we'll come up for air just where the surface of the water meets that last bit of sundown. if you ever want to hear what the stars are whispering, hike to the top of bear island - kodiak alaska, in the middle of the night with just a sleeping bag and the infiniteness of our early twenties. if you ever want to feel your heart skip a beat, drink four too many whiskeys in her dad's garage, fumble for the letters to spell out what you've been thinking, and quiver when you say that you love her for the first time. if you ever want to tempt eternity, take the red eye home to el salvador, not knowing when you're gonna say it to her eyes again. if you ever want to open your lungs up wide, drive out to california, pedal the pavement, rent an apartment, rescue a cat, make love and come out on just the right side of enough, to breathe one more day to payday goddam if you ever want to watch a resurrection, come find me tonight, los angeles.

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