Monday, May 29, 2017

wild to remain

when i enter your garden
i pass through no gate
simply onward the trail 
to your highest peak 
i have never known a way like yours 
and you have never known a wandering like mine 
still i welcome your curves 
and you invite my pace 
we are lovers to the unmapped path
our forward takes 

you are the brightest sun 
you are the clearest sky
you are the piercing heat i feel inside 
you are the stone and dirt beneath my feet 
you are the pattern of the butterfly
you are as many colors as the wildflowers 
you are the ones i had yet to see
you are the fragrance of lupine 
you are the shapes and lines in the leaves
you are the strong wind that blows through the branches of the palm trees
you are the sharpness of the needle grass
you are the cactus thorn 
you are the blood that pours 
you are the smile that forms 
you are the knowing that wounds heal 
you are the cry the coyote sings 
your are the hummingbird's wings
you are the lizard that hurries on 
you are the highest note of the sparrows song
you are the coolest breeze 
you are the view from the mountain 
you are the slow decent
you are the softly content
you are homeward 

when i depart from your garden
i steal not a single flower
still your sun
has burnt all of me that i made bare
still your thorn 
stings to the touch
still your song 
is known to my tongue 
still your scars 
are now mine to call home 
so you 
untethered for the on and on 
untamed for always
you are free to grow 
and wild to remain

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