Friday, September 6, 2013

when angels take wings - a cover

by Alexander Alan Kaiser

the lump in my throat won't go away 
so i just whisper 
the name upon the stone 
that marks the fresh turned georgia clay 
like a flower on a hill 
she bloomed in beauty for a season 
the fragrance of her life 
like sweet perfume lingers on 

when angels take wings 
and fly away 
makes you lonely makes you blue 
makes you want to fly away too 
i know my babe 
is in heaven with jesus 
children sing 
children play 
life goes on it'll be ok 
still nothing i do feels right today 
when angels take wings 

she was my sweetheart
since we met in junior high school 
kept my promise to her daddy 
i'd respect his little girl 
like a sun that sets 
goes out of sight 
leaves a red glow hanging up against the night 
how to say goodbye 
to one you planned to love forever 

she was the one to paint a rainbow after the storm 
her love was the fire that kept me warm 
she was like heaven on earth in my heart in my home 
who would have thought 
she'd fly away so soon 

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