Saturday, November 1, 2014


if you're like me
every couple of saturdays you
anchor yourself into the back patio rocking chair,
make waves
in your fifth cup of coffee,
and toss -
crest and trough
through all morning and afternoon -
this ocean you're sailing
this life you're living,
if you're living well
every couple of saturdays
you take a few steps back
and realize
just how much forgiveness you actually need.

is a direction paved with the letting goes of all the things that want to drag you backward.
i have a tight grip.
so if you're like me -
find someone
skilled in the art of loosening your fingers,
listen to everything she says
and make her the one thing you never let go of.

i have never lived harder
and i have never lived better
the days i made apologies for all the unthinkable things i'd done
(for all the unimaginable things i am capable of)
and if ever there were a book written about my life i'd hope there were an entire chapter dedicated to the one who made every scrap of unbelievable forgiveness

is a road paved in the reminder that you never have to go back there.
i have a vivid memory.
so if you're like me -
find someone
with imagination
let her aim in your direction
and watch her become the one story you never tire of telling.

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