Sunday, March 24, 2013

castles and archers

let me start this over 
my hands are flailing dangerously
you know how terribly i want to be somebody else 
convince me that it's worth it to remain exactly who i am;
i saw a movie once, where a boy loved a girl before leaving on a journey 
and i thought to be a movie scene, 
without letting myself believe that reality doesn’t fit so comfortably into the back seat;
break the merits 
i am holding myself up against 
cut them, like ribbons and sheets
with kisses to my cheeks  
a thousand plus a thousand, 
these medals do break apart 
and i will, let my stars down, 
lord knows i need a hand from time to time 
in mine, without letting go 
when stumbling how are you’s 
and questions that I shouldn’t,
can you blame me 
have you seen how beautiful you are;
trust me 
i never intended to let my confidence of its leash
out the window and down alley ways,
it is more stubborn than you are, 
and it doesn’t listen to my reasons anymore; 
only to the queen it made of you the first night we walked alone,
speak to me 
tell me a story 
i know it’s cold outside
but theres a fire building inside my chest 
and i’m only away collecting sticks to burn

when god made you, he put strength, 
like castles and archers, behind your eyes;
he put oceans behind mine, 
and you said you loved the way my insides flow, 
but they didn’t support you tip-toes when you tried to step into my soul
good thing its spring, she said
i hope the waters warm

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