Thursday, March 21, 2013

the next ten thousand sunsets

the sunset is god’s way to whisper that he loves her in my ear, 
a smile is her way of showing that she feels much more than she knows how to say, 
and i think forever is for discovering what built the walls around your heart; 

i saw the next ten thousand sunsets behind my eyelids when i closed them to kiss the gaps made with the corners of your lips; or was that my imagination, i could have sworn i heard the ocean. 

you said that your soul felt as a cave, while mine, like desperate miners, explored the crevices and crags for unreached tunnels and precious metals, but some days you just wanted centuries and emptiness to make crystals. 

“don’t be angry.” 

the strength of a woman that loves truly is a wonder i’ll never comprehend and never grow tired of being wounded by; i used to think you meant to scar my lips with all the cuts and scrapes that came from kissing my apologies back over concrete, into the cracks where you guarded your eternal stores of forgiveness; in silences that told the story of springtime, that made time stand still and stars dance in place; that made me feel like bursting open; silences you bathed in, like perfume, and wore as diamonds on your ears; that made you woman, that made you fragile, that made every word you spoke build temples of my hands and wings of my feet. 

i never knew what you were afraid of until the day i felt your gone-ness, gone beyond the reaches of my love songs, gone beyond flowers taped against your window panes, gone beyond kaleidoscopes and letters bathed in anxiousness, do you love me? beyond sunsets and whispers. 

i heard them tonight, and wondered if you were watching

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