Tuesday, March 5, 2013

there she'll be

there she was,
a quarter century ahead and a half hour behind,
not concentrating, then again neither could i
i thought, there's enough cigarette for two here
but instead i smoked alone;
if silence is golden
i've got wheat fields till closing time,
i tilted my head
just enough to catch her silhouette,
carved into air by dimness,
while judging by her stillness
she hadn't seen me wondering,
(why god buried all his treasure so far beneath the surface);
sometime before the lovers,
and after their exits,
she hid within a cave so bottomless she couldn't catch
even the shadows she read about in books she'd taken with;
so let me kiss the light toward you
inching slowly in the tracks
you left behind you with the pieces
like you wanted to be found,
i saw your eyes
peeking through the pages of your finger tips
faking blindfolds;
you are no more darkness than i am clean,
so i'll come closer where you still can't see my scars,
and together with your boots and mine, like stars
we'll make our way across the heavens until morning,
where we will see, (although now dimly),
that we are free to dance in dining halls, abandoned into ballrooms,
with no music but our toes we laughed to keep inside the cracks,
down rail-less stairways, and uphill till sundown,
because it rises after all;
like a promise made and kept,
like then as we know fully;
there she'll be
and i'll be watching from my seat just down the table;
there she'll be.

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alan said...

god i love them parenthetics